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India's Tata Group to set up datacentre in Korea for connected cars: Report
  Release time: 2017/01/11 16:58:00  Author: 

Tata Group plans to set up a regional office in South Korea and build a datacentre


India's biggest conglomerate is likely preparing for the rise of the connected cars industry in Korea, the report said.

Tata Teleservices will set up the office within the month and register as a telco business by March, it said.

Tata Group, dubbed "India's Samsung" by the Korean press, has a diverse portfolio, including telco, steel, automobiles, chemicals, food, and electronics. It also owns Tata Consultancy Services, the group's IT outsourcing business and one of the world's largest.

The business is looking for a local partner to build the datacentre, the report cited an unnamed source as saying, and the move is to prepare for the rise of the connected car market.

It also met KT and LG Uplus, South Korea's second and third largest mobile carriers, respectively.

SK Telecom, the country's largest carrier, is collaborating with BMW to build connected cars that use 5G networks.

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